What to Expect

What does it mean to provide Counseling through Cognitive Behavioral Coaching?

What do Certified Counselors do?
Certified Counselors or Certified Advisers provide counseling services dealing with issues related but not limited to:

  • Gaining awareness and achieving sensitivity of self and others.
  • Discovering and building on strengths/abilities.
  • Gaining a stronger sense of self-confidence.
  • Gaining a stronger sense of resiliency in dealing with life’s challenges and changes.

What do you mean by Cognitive Behavioral Coaching?

Cognitive:  The thoughts and way of thinking and assigned meaning, feelings and value to information.
Behavioral: How thoughts and feelings are acted upon.
Coaching:  Coaching is a goal-directed activity. Clients seek out coaching because they want to achieve certain goals in their work or personal lives.

The way you think, feel and act is what can get in the way of goals, but if you are willing to work hard and agree to attempt and make changes when necessary, you can and will realize success.

Cognitive Behavioral Coaching is used widely in Great Britain; in the United States Coaching is more an adjunct to therapy and counseling. You may see coaching listed as part of a number of services available, but not usually as the primary mode for delivery services.

What will we do in the CBC Partnership?

It will start with an initial consultation along with a brief history is conducted to determine if Counseling/Coaching is the best approach for your current needs and desires, this may be done over a telephone call.  If a referral to a therapist or other provider appears to be the best approach, a referral is provided.  If the Client appears to be an appropriate candidate for counseling using the CBC Model, a welcome packet is provided. The Goal(s) is established with an agreed upon plan of action for meeting the goal(s) established prior to the next visit if indicated.

The second visit may also include a Myers-Briggs Personality Inventory (MBTI) with results interpretation provided.  A review of the established goal(s) is conducted after the MBTI results are provided to determine the results and/or the outcomes of the actions need to be changed.

Subsequent visits are focused upon review and revision of goals and activities related to the action plans and support with information and education related to the “change cycle”, and, discussions involving brain storming through your experiences.

The Counseling/Coaching Model experience is meant to be short term lasting between three for six months.  Or, you may only need one to two visits depending upon your individual goals, level of motivation and resources.

What can I expect from you as my Counselor-Coach?

  • You will learn from me and I will learn from you.
  • I laugh and find humor when it is helpful and appropriate and creativity; always.
  • I will be respectful of your challenges and encourage you to celebrate your successes.

What about privacy?

I am compliant and with state and federally mandated HIPPA and Privacy Rules. In addition I adhere to the standards and quality practices of the professional organizations I am affiliated with.