Welcome to Harbor Transitions and the Alzheimer’s /dementia Nurse Navigator Site

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Harbor is a safe place providing refuge and comfort where we provide:


• Coaching

• Counseling

• Care Partner & CARE GIVER Support

• Consulting
• Case Management
• Assessments
• Planning
• organizational Seminars and Training

A Transition is a process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another, some examples of Transitions:

• Life Transitions: Child to Independent Adult, Couple to Single, “Us” to “Me”, Child or Spouse to  Caregiver
• Emotional Transitions: Fear, Sadness, Apathy, Disappointment, and Frustration
• Health Transitions: Wellness to Illness, Independent to Dependent
• Knowledge Transitions: Confident to Feeling Uncertain or Lost
• Feeling Supported and Connected to Feeling Alone

We open you up to possibilities, a new course and a safe way to navigate changing tides while realizing success along the journey to your own Harbor.

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Office Visits, Video Visits, In-Home Visits, Facility, On-Site